Hello beautiful, it’s been a minute

Wow! It seems like I have been talking, caring, touching and styling hair forever!

Even all the way back to when I was “natural” as a kid in the 60’s and watching the evolution and revolution of hairstyles from my aunt’s stylist chair. I can truly say, right now we are truly living in the most diverse styling era I have ever seen. We finally have options!  When the generation of fried, dyed and laid to the side decided NO MORE- it open the gates of extension braids, locs, crochet, weave, wash and go and protective styles. Don’t let me forget the kick-off of THE BIG CHOP!! This had stylist and clients both scrambling to find the best style, best product and best professional to guide them through-answer? YOUTUBE! The end all and be all to every DIY. We all so got the A, B, C and 1,2,3,4’s of hair texture too.

Fast forward through 25 years of transition and what I ask YOU.


AreYOU Happy Nappy?

What’sYOUR hair goals?

What’s the healthiest style for YOU?

What’s your lifestyle choices that effects YOUR hair and scalp?

What makes YOU feel beautiful inside and out?

What does natural mean to YOU?

One constant theme you see is- YOU and YOUR HAIR.  Hair is very personal. It is our DNA- no two are alike.

Come share your HAIR story.

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