What’s the best shampoo for your hair?

First you need to know your hair type- for me, there are only 4 true hair types- straight, wavy(mildly curly), curly, kinky (extremely curly).

All hair types need at least two shampoos- one for cleaning and the second for enhancing. More than likely you will not get any lather on the first shampoo just use a basic cleanse for this one. For the second shampoo use something to address your hair type and it’s condition- dry, normal or oily.

There are three things that are essential to all hair dos, but one of them seems to get neglected the most- a good hair cut. The other two- shampooing and conditioning are great for the hair but a good hair cut will work wonders on your hair and your look. Contrary to popular belief stylist don’t like to cut hair just to cut. Even though you should want the stylist that takes pleasure in doing an exceptional job in cutting! Cutting your hair is like pruning arose bush, getting all the dead hair off will help the hair grow stronger. Your hair will also fall into place better with a good haircut. So next time you sit in your stylist chair, don’t ask to get your “ends clipped”- that went out with a “wet set”, get a grown woman’s haircut.

Ladies the weather is dry and if you have highly curly hair listen up- MOISTURIZER!! You can’t do it enough. Get or give yourself a hot oil treatment or deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner. If you wear your hair natural moisturize daily. The biggest misconception is that if your hair is natural you are free from damaging your hair. Not true- extremely curly natural hair requires a lot more care. Chemical treated hair may need both protein and moisturizing conditioners.

Ladies-One question- is your “Hair Do” in style? Take a look in mirror right now- what does your hair say about your look? What does your look say when enter a room. Are the people saying- who is that “Stunning, well put together Lady”? If not, its time to update! You all know I am a believe you need a regular hair appoint and a good haircut, well along with that- a current look is a MUST!!.

Well, all the ladies have say is- if you are over 35 living in the Chi- what snowstorm??!!

Believe it or not we talked about hair too!!


Is natural hair a trend or is it here to stay?

They may make me revitalize the history of highly textured hair and our love/hate relationship with it- I’ll keep you posted.

HairTip Tuesday- we will look at the trend of Natural Hair. New it is not, we have been through this before in the 60’s. women abandon their press and curls and wore Afros and wigs. No different then the twist out style and weaves of today.

I always ask clients when they decide to go natural what are their plans for their hairstyle? Contrary to prevailing dreams of bouncy curls cascading downy our back- high textured hair is as different as your DNA. Are they prepared to where their hair with their natural curl pattern or are the planning to wear their hair straight with no chemicals. One thing for sure whichever choice they make A LOT of hair care is needed. Depending on your hair’s curl pattern growing out could be easy or quite laboring- once again remember ALL HAIR TYPES ARE NOT THE SAME. What works for some may not work for others. Honestly only a hair professional with knowledge from working with different hair over years can give you a good assessment of your hair. This will save you a lot of time and money of trail and error trying to figure out what to do with your tresses.

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