So, what's next?

What do you do when you take your hair down from the various protective styles we wear?

Do you just walk out the door with your Florida Evans fro, and dare anybody to say something to you?

Well the main thing to do is to immediately put CONDITIONER ON YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU SHAMPOO IT! The worst thing in the world is to grow your hair with a protective style only to lose it to the DAMN TAKE DOWN!

I decided that I am going to do my own street investigation to find out what styles are out there, for girls like me who want to just get up and comb theirEXTREMELY CURLY hair . As a stylist, I admire the various natural “hair do’s” I see everyday, given the fact that combing EXTREMELY CURLY natural hair is no joke! I don’t care how much product, conditioner and comb twists you do…when you go to bed and wake up, you have an “itty bitty” afro all over again! Trust me- as much as some of us are committed to having a Angela Davis Afro by next year -THAT IS WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS – I do understand why some of my sistas straighten their hair. I know for some, straightening your hair may be considered a betrayal to what you were born with, but I believe it can also bean advancement in the evolution of hair care! It’s truly easier to comb!!

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