Summer, Summer, Summertime Hair!

Even though I’m on vacation from the salon, conversation about hair never ends.

If I’m around women with highly textured hair, I’m always advising and complementing!

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

It this new age of hair freedom- vacation hair has taken on a bold new look!  Thank goodness…long gone are the days when clients would ask me to curl their hair really, really tight because they were going on vacation- to Jamaica, Lord have mercy! There isn’t a curl I could curl tight enough that could stand the heat of the WestIndies!  It is liberating to see women change their “day to day” look when on vacation- let your hair down girl, and let go! Today, the options of wearing your hair straight, naturally curly or in a protective style on vacation is phenomenal!

What choices do you have? A few of the new looks are twist, braids, crocheted styles, and the new tribal braids are really HOT!!  I will post some looks I’m seeing while on vacation. What’s your summer look or vacation hair?  Show your hair freedom!!!

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